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A Shower of Flowers Book
B799-25 SHOWER OF FLOWERS, A (Marick Studios) This is a 32-page stained glass patterns book, with 4 pages of color. It includes 23 colorful suncatchers and window designs; the rainbow of the glass palette is used in these projects.
Audubon Birds Book
B50-45 AUDUBON BIRDS (Krez) 60 outlined illustrations depicting birds in characteristic poses amid natural surroundings. Based on the bird painting of John James Audubon. Beginner to Intermediate.
Autumn / Glas Design Book
B417-32 AUTUMN / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann/Volkmann) 13 patterns for stained glass hangings which feature fall themes like a pumpkin patch, grapes on a vine, sunflower bouquet, the seasons, a squirrel, a fruit basket and others. Beginner to Intermediate.
Backyard Birds
Backyard Birds (Stackpole) 25 full- size, realistic looking patterns for common North American birds. Intermediate.
Beautiful Leaves
Beautiful Leaves (Stackpole) 25 full- size, realistic looking patterns for common North American trees. Intermediate.
Bird Designs Book
B50-36 BIRD DESIGNS (Relei) This sourcebook shows over 70 realistic designs from cranes to roosters of birds in there natural surroundings. Intermediate to Advanced.
Birds & Flowers Book
B36-1 BIRDS AND FLOWERS (Miller) 100 designs with 54 color reference photos. Intermediate.
$16.95  $10.18
Birds and Butterflies Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-16 BIRDS AND BUTTERFLIES STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Sibbett) 94 designs from stylized to realistic subjects. Includes 10 color guides. Beginner to Intermediate.
Birds of North America Book
B229-4 BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA (McMillan/Doran) 18 full-size patterns for small panels, mobiles and decoy style ducks. Beginner to Intermediate.
Birds of North America Volume 2 Book
B229-6 BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA - VOLUME 2 (McMillan/Doran) This volume contains 17 full-size bird patterns for small panels, mobiles and decoy-style ducks. Beginner to Intermediate.
Classic Images Book
B127-33 CLASSIC IMAGES (Terra) Terra’s latest collection of designs includes eight full-size patterns as well as small additional projects for suncatchers, a small jewelry box and a warming candle sconce. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Contemporary Florals Book
B36-100 CONTEMPORARY FLORALS (Roberts) Floral designs, each shown in more than one color scheme to suit individual tastes and interiors. Intermediate.
$17.95  $10.78
Cottage Garden Book
B36-58 COTTAGE GARDEN (Roberts) Suncatcher patterns for small panels featuring favorite garden flowers in stained glass. Beginner to Intermediate.
$14.95  $8.98
Exotic Wildlife / Glas Design Book
B417-15 EXOTIC WILDLIFE/ GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann) 13 full-size patterns for unique and tropical birds, flowers and butterflies. Includes suncatchers and panels averaging 15”. Intermediate to Advanced.
Favorite Images by Terra Book
B127-25 FAVORITE IMAGES BY TERRA (Terra) Eight full-size new designs including a cluster of grapes, lighthouse scene, hummingbirds and fuchsia, and a garden scene featuring tulips. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Fleurtations Book
B146-8 FLEURTATIONS (Soderman/Zurcher) Mix and match floral pattern and border designs which you can use to create over two dozen different small panels. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$11.95  $9.56
Floral Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-12 FLO RAL STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Sibbett) A volume of over 90 stylized and realistic designs, and includes 11 color guides. Beginner to Advanced.
Flourish Book
B127-26 FLOURISH (Vogt) Ten full-size patterns including an orchid, hibiscus, bird of paradise, morning glory, cyclamen, gerber daisy, amaryllis, sun and moon, tiger lily and a mixed bouquet. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Flowers & Fruits Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-44 FLOWERS & FRUITS STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Krez) 67 copyright free designs that are suitable for many stained glass projects.
Flowers / Glas Design Book
B417-28 FLOWERS / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann/Volkmann) 12 full-size patterns featuring floral themes such as roses, lilies, daffodils and more. Shown in color. Intermediate to Advanced.
Flowers in the Sun Book
B799-6 FLOWERS IN THE SUN (Stein) 25 full-size flower patterns for use as suncatchers, stepping-stones and mix and match designs for larger windows and groupings.
Hanging Gardens Book
B36-94 HANGING GARDENS (Nudson) This book contains 40 pages of patterns for stained glass plants. All of your favorite houseplants are available. Beginner to Intermediate.
$16.95  $10.18
Hearts & Flowers Book
B799-24 HEARTS & FLOWERS (Marick Studios) 31 pages of fused designs featuring hearts and flowers. Beginner to Intermediate.
Images Book
B127-28 IMAGES (Parma) A collection of eight fullsize patterns in a variety of design themes. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
In Full Bloom Book
B148-27 IN FULL BLOOM (Selvais) 19 patterns for windows using the simplest of lines to create lilies, sunflowers, magnolias and more. Each project includes the pattern line drawing, a color photo plus an alternate color rendering. Intermediate.
It's All About Roses Book
B127-31 IT’S ALL ABOUT ROSES (Parma) A variety of roses in all styles and forms are demonstrated in this full-size pattern book. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Keepsakes In Stained Glass Flowers Book
B673-3 KEEPSAKES IN STAINED GLASS FLO WERS (Battoe) This book contains 36 full-size floral patterns including small panels, large suncatchers and three stepping-stones. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$9.95  $7.96
Natural Windows Book
B799-14 NATURAL WINDOWS (Marick) A collection of 12 windows created by Marick Studios. All have a natural theme from day lilies and thistles in a tiffany style, to waves and a sun in a more abstract vein. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$12.95  $10.36
Official State Flowers Volume 1 (A-M) Book
B1127-27 OFFICIAL STATE FLOWERS VOL.1 (A-M) (Beers) Volume One of this book covers States beginning with the letters A-M. The designs are at a 2:1 ratio.
Official State Flowers Volume 2 (N-W+) Book
B1127-28 OFFICIAL STATE FLO WERS VOL.2 (N-W +) (Beers) Volume Two of this book covers States beginning with the letters N-W. The designs are at a 2:1 ratio.
Ornamental Flowers Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-19 ORNAMENTAL FLOWER STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Sibbett) This book contains 83 designs for both beginners and the experienced artisan. Includes realistic as well as abstract and geometric flowers. Intermediate.
Realistic Duck Decoys Book
B316-23 REALISTIC DUCK DECOYS (Green) A collection of 16 popular duck designs. Included are accurate representations of a Mallard, Loon, Wood Duck, Pintails, Harlequin and many more. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$15.95  $12.76
Serene Settings
Serene Settings (Vogt) This book contains 8 full sized patterns of tranquil stained glass patterns. Themes include butterfly garden, love nest, nasturtiums, and more. Intermediate.
$12.95  $5.00
Spring / Glas Design Book
B417-16 SPRING / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann) These 13 full-size patterns of small panels averaging 20” celebrate spring. The folder also includes suncatchers. Intermediate to Advanced.
Summer / Glas Design Book
B417-22 SUMMER / GLAS DESIGN Full-size patterns featuring summertime themes such as roses, sunfaces, flower baskets, sunflowers and more. Most projects are shown in color. Intermediate to Advanced.
Summer Garden Book
B799-30 SUMMER GARDEN (Marick Studios) Enjoy summer flowers in your home all year long. Your indoor garden can have sunflowers, orchids, coneflowers, pansies, a pitcher filled with favorite garden blooms and more.
Tropical Breezes Book
B36-98 TROPICAL BREEZES (Gibbs) This book is full of lush tropical flowers and birds. There are tree frogs, parrots, a gecko and lots of florals. All patterns are full size and shown in full color. Beginner to Intermediate.
$16.95  $10.18
Wings and Things Book
B213-5 WINGS AND THINGS (Schulze) 23 full-size patterns of small panels averaging 25”, also includes boxes, clocks, lamps, etc. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$8.95  $7.16
Birds & Flowers
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