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120 Traditional Stained Glass Patterns Book
B50-32 120 TRADITIONAL STAINED GLASS PATTERNS (Sibbett) Mainly geometric designs. Beginner to Intermediate.
162 Traditional and Contemporary Designs for Stained Glass Projects Book
B50-1 162 TRADITIONAL AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS FOR STAINED GLASS PROJECTS (Wallach) Pattern designs for small and large panels. Great reference. Intermediate to Advanced.
20 Easy Lamp Patterns for Beginners
20 Easy Lamp Patterns for Beginners (Sargent) Step by step instructions with 10 full sized templates and full size working patterns. Beginner to intermediate.
$12.95  $5.00
30 Pieces or Less Book
B36-125 30 PIECES OR LESS (Kyle & Tayne) Included in this book are 34 full size stained glass designs, each containing less than 31 pieces. Beginner to Intermediate.
$17.95  $10.78
300 Stained Glass Cabinet Door Designs Book
B1196-1 300 STAINED GLASS CABINET DOOR DESIGNS (Berkery) This book contains over 50 color pictures of completed cabinet door panels and 300 line designs. Beginner to Intermediate.
40 Great Stained Glass Projects
40 Great Stained Glass Projects (Johnson) A nice collection of small stained glass projects. Full-size patters for all 40 projects. Beginner to Intermediate.
415 Original Designs for Stained Glass Book
B50-35 415 ORIGINAL DESIGNS FOR STAINED GLASS (Gowen) 415 different pattern ideas for geometric designs. Beginner to Intermediate.
9 x 9 Lives Cat Designs Book
B148-8 9 X 9 LIVES CAT DESIGNS (Goldman) Nine complete patterns and 72 additional adaptations to create suncatchers, boxes and other useful home, garden and workplace projects. Beginner.
A Gallery of Winners Book
B36-133 GALLERY OF WINNERS, A (CKE Publications) A compilation of winning designs from a stained glass design contest sponsored by CKE Publications. This book contains 43 designs for stained glass panels of all shapes and subjects.
$17.95  $10.78
A Mosaic Christmas Book
B36-70 MOSAIC CHRISTMAS, A (Roberts) Patterns to make mosaic holiday ornaments, fan lamps and other holiday scenes. Items are quick and easy to build. Beginner to Intermediate.
$14.95  $8.98
A Shower of Flowers Book
B799-25 SHOWER OF FLOWERS, A (Marick Studios) This is a 32-page stained glass patterns book, with 4 pages of color. It includes 23 colorful suncatchers and window designs; the rainbow of the glass palette is used in these projects.
Aanraku American Quilts Book Volume 1
B1127-4 AANRAKU AMERICAN QUILTS VOL.1 (Guyol) This book contains 49 popular quilt patterns for stained glass. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku American Quilts Book Volume 2
B1127-12 AANRAKU AMERICAN QUILTS VOL.2 (Guyol) This book contains 51 patterns with traditional designs mixed with nature and holiday themes. 8 pages of full color. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 1
B1127-1 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 1 (Castaline & Kobayashi) An Assortment of patterns from the original collection of Aanraku Stained Glass. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 10
B1127-22 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 10 (Aanraku Stained Glass) Eclectic ten features more designs from Aanraku students. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 11
B1127-21 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 11 (Aanraku Stained Glass) New designs from the students at Aanraku. Intermediate to Advanced .
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 12
B1127-36 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 12 (Aanraku Stained Glass) Volume 12 contains 27 more patterns from the original collection of Aanraku Stained Glass. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 14
B1127-40 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 14 (Aanraku Glass Studio) This book is another from the original collection of Aanraku Studio. It contains 28 B / W pages as well as 7 color. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 2
B1127-2 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 2 (Castaline & Kobayashi) This book runs the gamut from tropical birds, landscapes and abstracts, to Celtic animals and undersea life. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 3
B1127-3 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 3 (Castaline & Kobayashi) The third book in this series features patterns for birds, floral motifs, animals, Tiffany style designs, waterfalls and cultural patterns. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 4
B1127-7 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 4 (Castaline & Kobayashi) A new selection of contemporary patterns which run the gamut from patriotic themes to historical and natural works. 8 pages of full color. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 5
B1127-8 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 5 Children’s book cover illustrations, Oriental scenes, nature and 16th Century kimono pattern designs are just a few of the newest from the Aanraku beginning students. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 6
B1127-9 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 6 This volume contains original patterns of flowers, grapes, dolphins, gardens and nature scenes. 8 pages of full color and 26 patterns with piece count are included. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 7
B1127-10 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 7 (Kobayshi & Castaline) 26 patterns by the beginning students of the Aanraku Studio with variety galore. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 8
B1127-23 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 8 More patterns from the beginner students at Aanraku stained glass.Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 9
B1127-20 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 9 (Aanraku Stained Glass) This book is another in the series of patterns designed by the student’s of Aankaru Stained Glass. It features goldfish, Japanese Samurai, butterflies and a unicorn. Intermediate to Advanced.
Advanced Fusing Techniques Book Two
B417-7 ADVANCED FUSING TECHNIQUES – BOOK TWO (Lundstrom) This book introduces you to more challenging fused projects for electric kilns, large and small. Intermediate to Advanced.
All That Glitters Book
B146-4 ALL THAT GLITTERS (Soderman) This book contains how-to use decorative soldering with jewelry, mystical objects (wands etc.) clocks and more. Full instructions and color photos. Intermediate to Advanced. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$13.95  $11.16
Alphabets Book
B1127-11 ALPHABETS (Kobayshi & Castaline) Four stylized sets of the ABC’s from the Aanraku Studioyou can use to create your own messages, names and signs. From script to block styles, upper and lower case letters with matching numbers.
Angels 1 Book
B1127-24 ANGELS 1 (Robert & Boncore) These angels have angelic faces to charm children and adults alike. They are simple and easy to do while being graceful and colorful. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$12.95  $10.36
Angels and Cherubs Book
B50-50 ANGELS AND CHERUBS (Eaton) 60 designs depicting angels and cherubs surrounded by flowers, amid clouds and posed against various ethereal backgrounds. Intermediate to Advanced. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$8.95  $7.16
Antique Windows Book
B799-28 ANTIQUE WINDOWS (Stein) This 32-page book plus 4 pages of color photography features fifteen fullsize patterns for antique window designs. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$13.95  $11.16
Art Deco Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-3 ART DECO STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Sibbett) 91 Deco styled designs featuring abstracts to figures. Contains 11 color guides. Intermediate to Advanced.
Art Gallery Book
B799-21 ART GALLERY (Stein) This book is filled with free flowing abstracts and geometric designs. It contains 16 full-size designs. Intermediate.
Art Glass Fountains Book
B1182-1 ART GLASS FOUNTAINS (Marla’s Creations) 3 basic designs of fountains are included in this book. One, which consists of glass, laid flat, with a hole in the middle for the water to bubble through. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$18.95  $15.16
Art Glass Inspirations Book
B148-3 ART GLASS INSPIRATIONS (Cann) This book contains 32 full-size patterns for freeform suncatchers and fan lamps. Included are birds, dogs, florals, sport figures and more. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$11.95  $9.56
Art Glass Panel Designs One Book
B148-30 ART GLASS PANEL DESIGNS ONE (Whaley) This “multi-tasking book” provides 18 art glass designs, including, birds, flowers, geometric, southwest and Oceanscape motifs. Beginner to Intermediate.
Art Nouveau / Glas Design Book
B417-11 ART NOUVEAU / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann) 13 full-size patterns for windows representing the many floral aspects of the Art Nouveau style. Intermediate.
Art Nouveau Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-4 ART NOUVEAU STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Sibbett) Over 100 authentic full color designs culled from actual period windows. A great book for reference. Intermediate to Advanced.
Art Nouveau Windows Book
B50-55 ART NOUVEAU WINDOWS (Relei) A collection of more than 100 authentic Art Nouveau stained glass patterns depicting flora, fauna and female figures. Intermediate to Advanced.
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