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Making Tiffany Lamps
Making Tiffany Lamps (Archer) This how-to book describes in detail how to create an authentic Tiffany reproduction. Advanced.
40 Great Stained Glass Projects
40 Great Stained Glass Projects (Johnson) A nice collection of small stained glass projects. Full-size patters for all 40 projects. Beginner to Intermediate.
Quick Success Stained Glass Book
B148-6 QUICK SUCCESS STAINED GLASS (Wardell) A beginner’s instruction guide designed to make learning stained glass simple and fun. Includes eighteen full size patterns, from suncatchers to small lampshades. 23 pages.
Making Stained Glass Panels Book
B1267-5 MAKING STAINED GLASS PANELS (Johnston) This book teaches beginning stained glass crafters how to make windows or suncatchers.
The Fused Glass Handbook
B602-1 FUSED GLASS HANDBOOK, THE (Reynolds) A comprehensive guide to use an electric kiln from beginner to advanced work. Details tools, techniques, troubleshooting and includes color photos of finished work. Beginner to Advanced.
Glass Casting and Moldmaking Book
B417-8 GLASS CASTING AND MOLDMAKING (Lundstrom) By using castings and molds with your electric kiln, this manual will guide you into making three dimensional objects. Intermediate to Advanced.
Advanced Fusing Techniques Book Two
B417-7 ADVANCED FUSING TECHNIQUES – BOOK TWO (Lundstrom) This book introduces you to more challenging fused projects for electric kilns, large and small. Intermediate to Advanced.
Kiln Firing Glass Book
B417-4 KILN FIRING GLASS (Lundstrom/Schwoerer) Accessible, comprehensive 132-page manual with many color photos of both step by step and finished projects for electric kilns. Ideal for getting an introduction to stained glass without being too technical.
Band Saw Challenge 1 Book
B738-1 BAND SAW CHALLENGE 1: PUSHING THE ENVELOPE – FLORA AND FAUNA (DTI) 12 innovative saw patterns from Paned Expressions Studios™. Saws make impossible cuts possible. Beginner to Advanced. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$15.95  $12.76
The Lampmaking Handbook
B909-1 THE LAMPMAKING HANDBOOK, (Porcelli) This is a step-by-step, easy to understand guide for constructing Tiffanylike lampshades. Includes color, B/W and line illustrations. 122 pages.
The Art of Stained Glass Made Easy Book
B836-2 ART OF STAINED GLASS MADE EASY, THE (Bier) A step-by-step guide for producing stained glass objects with liquid lead and transparent glass paints. Includes over 60 designs. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Your Stained Glass Workshop Book
B127-30 YOUR STAINED GLASS WORKSHOP (Mayo) This 22-page book includes projects and ideas for creating a complete home workshop. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Conservation of Stained Glass in America Book
B674-1 CONSERVATION OF STAINED GLASS IN AMERICA (Sloan) This book is a complete guide to detailing the conservation, preservation and restoration of American stained glass windows.
Beyond Basic Stained Glass Making Book
B1267-2 BEYOND BASIC STAINED GLASS MAKING Contains creative techniques to go beyond the fundamentals, and information on how to use new tools to expand your abilities. Intermediate.
Decorative Stained Glass Book
B50-22 DECORATIVE STAINED GLASS (Casciani) Instructional book for the decorative aspects of glass painting, glass appliqué and fused glass. B/W and color illustrations. 115 pages. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
How to Work in Stained Glass Book
B842-1 HOW TO WORK IN STAINED GLASS (Isenberg) addresses the ever important basics for stained glass workers of all levels. Projects include a kaleidoscope, nightlight, business card holder, lampshade, beads, mosaics and more.
Stained Glass Design Secrets of the Professionals Book
B176-2 STAINED GLASS DESIGN SECRETS OF THE PROFESSIONALS (Larson) For glass artisans who insist that they can’t draw, but want to design their own projects. Full instructions, illustrations, and 100 full size components. 103 pages. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Stained Glass Craft Made Simple Book
B50-24 STAINED GLASS CRAFT MADE SIMPLE (McDonnell) Manual provides basic How-to instruction that deals specifically with foil projects. Illustrated, 30 pages.
How to Design in Stained Glass with 84 Patterns Book
B50-6 HOW TO DESIGN STAINED GLASS WITH 84 PATTERNS (French) This book includes design sources, how to approach both abstract and representational design, enlarging and reworking designs, and more. 84 stained glass projects also included.
Your Stained Glass Teacher Book
B1181-3 YOUR STAINED GLASS TEACHER (Hogue) This book contains 104 pages, 250 photographs and 18 projects. Includes step-by-step techniques for foiling, soldering, cleaning, applying patina and assembling a suncatcher and small panel. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$18.95  $15.16
Stained Glass Classroom Book
B836-18 STAINED GLASS CLASSROOM, THE (Payne) This book gives easy to follow instructions to learn the techniques of copper foil, lead and mosaics. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Stained Glass Workshop Book
B836-14 STAINED GLASS WORKSHOP (Spirito) A guide that will show you the basic techniques for crafting decorative panels. It illustrates the procedures for working with six types of stained glass. TO BE DISCONTINUED.
$17.95  $14.36
Stained Glass Basics Book
B836-16 STAINED GLASS BASICS (Rich/Mitchell/Ward) Instructional book on basic copper foil and leaded glass techniques. Thirty designs as well as tips on cutting glass, making patterns and safety also included.
Stained Glass Craft Book
B50-63 STAINED GLASS CRAFT (Divine/Blanchard) Contains general information about the stained glass craft, an overview of different techniques and history. Includes line drawing illustrations. 114 pages, small format.
Basic Stained Glass Making Book
B1267-1 BASIC STAINED GLASS MAKING (Ebeling) This 128-page guide with color photos contains everything the beginner needs to make basic stained glass projects. Step-by-step lessons for a variety of projects as well are included.
Stained Glass the Easy Way Book
B229-11 STAINED GLASS THE EASY WAY (Walrus Publications) A how-to guide for anyone interested in learning the craft of stained glass. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$19.95  $15.96
Introduction to Stained Glass Book
B148-25 INTRODUCTION TO STAINED GLASS (Wardell) Designed to be used as a do-it-yourself manual or to supplement an instructional course. Heavily illustrated, step- by-step, with 17 full size patterns, from small panels to lampshade. 67 pages.
Stained Glass in the Afternoon Book
B836-15 STAINED GLASS IN THE AFTERNOON (Payne) Projects that take only a few hours to create after learning some simple stained glass techniques. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Stained Glass Projects for the Home Book
B836-1 STAINED GLASS PROJECTS FOR THE HOME (Koppel) A guide for beginners to learn the basic techniques for glass cutting, soldering and leading. Patterns are included for a lamp, terrarium and small leaded panel. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Stained Glass Primer Book
B1022-1 STAINED GLASS PRIMER (Mollica) Fully illustrated primer to introduce the basic skills. Step by step instructions in technique. Includes one easy panel pattern, 85 pages and a small format.
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