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Large Panels, Sidelights & Transoms
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A Gallery of Winners Book
B36-133 GALLERY OF WINNERS, A (CKE Publications) A compilation of winning designs from a stained glass design contest sponsored by CKE Publications. This book contains 43 designs for stained glass panels of all shapes and subjects.
$17.95  $10.78
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 1
B1127-1 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 1 (Castaline & Kobayashi) An Assortment of patterns from the original collection of Aanraku Stained Glass. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 10
B1127-22 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 10 (Aanraku Stained Glass) Eclectic ten features more designs from Aanraku students. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 11
B1127-21 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 11 (Aanraku Stained Glass) New designs from the students at Aanraku. Intermediate to Advanced .
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 12
B1127-36 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 12 (Aanraku Stained Glass) Volume 12 contains 27 more patterns from the original collection of Aanraku Stained Glass. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 14
B1127-40 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 14 (Aanraku Glass Studio) This book is another from the original collection of Aanraku Studio. It contains 28 B / W pages as well as 7 color. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 2
B1127-2 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 2 (Castaline & Kobayashi) This book runs the gamut from tropical birds, landscapes and abstracts, to Celtic animals and undersea life. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 3
B1127-3 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 3 (Castaline & Kobayashi) The third book in this series features patterns for birds, floral motifs, animals, Tiffany style designs, waterfalls and cultural patterns. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 4
B1127-7 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 4 (Castaline & Kobayashi) A new selection of contemporary patterns which run the gamut from patriotic themes to historical and natural works. 8 pages of full color. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 5
B1127-8 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 5 Children’s book cover illustrations, Oriental scenes, nature and 16th Century kimono pattern designs are just a few of the newest from the Aanraku beginning students. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 6
B1127-9 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 6 This volume contains original patterns of flowers, grapes, dolphins, gardens and nature scenes. 8 pages of full color and 26 patterns with piece count are included. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 7
B1127-10 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 7 (Kobayshi & Castaline) 26 patterns by the beginning students of the Aanraku Studio with variety galore. Intermediate to Advanced.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 8
B1127-23 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 8 More patterns from the beginner students at Aanraku stained glass.Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku Eclectic Book Volume 9
B1127-20 AANRAKU ECLECTIC VOL. 9 (Aanraku Stained Glass) This book is another in the series of patterns designed by the student’s of Aankaru Stained Glass. It features goldfish, Japanese Samurai, butterflies and a unicorn. Intermediate to Advanced.
Book Patterns 1
B1127-37 BOOK PATTERNS 1 (Beers) 26 various patterns incorporating books into the design. Beginner to Intermediate.
Dance of Life Book
B316-55 DANCE OF LIFE (Sheppard) Jody Sheppard tries to express the language of dance through her patterns for stained glass in The Dance of Life.
Decorative Doorways Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-39 DECORATIVE DOORWAYS STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Relei) 150 designs including door panels, sidelights and transoms of mainly floral and animal themes. Intermediate to Advanced.
Doorlites & Sidelites / Glas Design Book
B417-14 DOORLIGHTS & SIDELIGHTS / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann) 6 full-size large door panel patterns, sizes averaging 20” x 50”. Contains nature themes and includes full color photos. Advanced.
Doors 2 / Glas Designs Book
B417-35 DOORS 2 / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann) 12 full-size patterns for door panels (1’9” x 4’8”) in various styles from Art Nouveau, Art Deco to Contemporary. Intermediate to Advanced.
Fantasy Designs Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-54 FANTASY DESIGNS STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Relei) This book contains imaginative stained glass designs incorporating a host of fantasy figures.
Favorite Images by Terra Book
B127-25 FAVORITE IMAGES BY TERRA (Terra) Eight full-size new designs including a cluster of grapes, lighthouse scene, hummingbirds and fuchsia, and a garden scene featuring tulips. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
House Tours 2 Book
B36-5 HOUSE TOURS 2 (Miller) Over 80 design ideas and components that you can mix and match to create your own original panels or projects. Over 60 color photos of examples of finished projects. Intermediate to Advanced.
$16.95  $10.18
House Tours 3 Book
B36-9 HOUSE TOURS 3 (Miller) This book contains 50 designs and components that you can mix and match to create your own panel. Includes sandblasting and etching information and patterns as well as stained glass.
$16.95  $10.18
House Tours Book
B36-3 HOUSE TOURS (Miller) Over 125 designs to be used in all areas of the home, mainly featuring floral designs, but also includes antique cars, carousel, etc. Over 40 color photos. Intermediate to Advanced.
$16.95  $10.18
Images Book
B127-28 IMAGES (Parma) A collection of eight fullsize patterns in a variety of design themes. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Light and Dark Fantasy 1 Book
B1127-34 LIGHT AND DARK FANTASY 1 (Robert & Boncore) This book explores an imaginative world filled with air elements, trolls, dragons, unicorns, dryads and a host of other mystical creatures. Intermediate to Advanced. TO BE DISCONTINUED
Living With Art Glass Book
B36-62 LIVING WITH ART GLASS (Barlog) 48 pages of designs to make sidelights, transoms and windows. Chapters feature natural, traditional and liturgical themes. Intermediate to Advanced.
$19.95  $11.98
Look What You Can Do With Grids Book
B36-68 LOOK WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH GRIDS (Kyle & Tayne) Design ideas and suggestions for varying them by changing the background grids. Full color. Intermediate to Advanced.
$20.95  $12.58
Making Stained Glass Panels Book
B1267-5 MAKING STAINED GLASS PANELS (Johnston) This book teaches beginning stained glass crafters how to make windows or suncatchers.
Natural Windows Book
B799-14 NATURAL WINDOWS (Marick) A collection of 12 windows created by Marick Studios. All have a natural theme from day lilies and thistles in a tiffany style, to waves and a sun in a more abstract vein. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$12.95  $10.36
Sidelights Book
B36-8 SIDELIGHTS (Miller) Contains 50 designs for sidelights incorporating bevels. 24 color photos. Intermediate to Advanced.
$16.95  $10.18
Sidelights, Fanlights, and Transoms Book
B50-30 SIDELIGHTS, FANLIGHTS AND TRANSOMS (Sibbett) This book includes 180 basic designs, using nature, abstracts and geometrics. 7 color guides are included. Beginner to Advanced.
Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-2 STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Sibbett) 88 stylized nature designs, which are adaptable to most panels, sidelights, etc. 15 color guides. Beginner to Advanced.
The Art of Shell Franklin Book
B1127-5 ART OF SHELL FRANKLIN, THE (Franklin) This book presents patterns of Franklin’s work done in the past few years. Patterns range from 28 to 486 pieces. Intermediate to Advanced.
Tiffany Windows Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-48 TIFFANY WINDOWS STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Eaton) 60 black-and-white line illustrations adapted from a variety of authentic Tiffany window designs. Advanced.
Tropical Teasers Book
B127-13 TROPICAL TEASERS (Vogt) A collection of over forty designs for a variety of tropical creatures, florals, birds, fish, gardens and seascapes. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Ukiyoe Book
B1127-6 UKIYOE (Castaline & Kobayashi) A collection of Japanese woodblock prints created in stained glass. Patterns include a Geisha Girl, Kabuki Actor, Japanese garden, Koi Fish, florals and more. Advanced.
Windows of Distinction Collection 1 Book
B148-18 WINDOWS OF DISTINCTION COLLECTION 1 (McMow Art Glass) Contains over 150 stained glass designs. The collection is based on the portfolio of McMow Art Glass Studio over an 18-year period. Intermediate to Advanced.
Windows of Elegance Book Volume 2
B148-29 WINDOWS OF ELEGANCE – VOLUME 2 (Wardell) This second volume brings together a completely new selection of dramatic art glass installations using location specific photography. All color, 80 pages. Intermediate to Advanced.
Windows of Elegance Collection 2 Book
B148-7 WINDOWS OF ELEGANCE COLLECTION 2 (Wardell) Contains 108 color photos of leaded glass window installations and 48 detailed line drawings rendered in a professional proposal format. Intermediate to Advanced.
Large Panels, Sidelights & Transoms
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