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30 Pieces or Less Book
B36-125 30 PIECES OR LESS (Kyle & Tayne) Included in this book are 34 full size stained glass designs, each containing less than 31 pieces. Beginner to Intermediate.
$17.95  $10.78
300 Stained Glass Cabinet Door Designs Book
B1196-1 300 STAINED GLASS CABINET DOOR DESIGNS (Berkery) This book contains over 50 color pictures of completed cabinet door panels and 300 line designs. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku American Quilts Book Volume 1
B1127-4 AANRAKU AMERICAN QUILTS VOL.1 (Guyol) This book contains 49 popular quilt patterns for stained glass. Beginner to Intermediate.
Aanraku American Quilts Book Volume 2
B1127-12 AANRAKU AMERICAN QUILTS VOL.2 (Guyol) This book contains 51 patterns with traditional designs mixed with nature and holiday themes. 8 pages of full color. Beginner to Intermediate.
Antique Windows Book
B799-28 ANTIQUE WINDOWS (Stein) This 32-page book plus 4 pages of color photography features fifteen fullsize patterns for antique window designs. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$13.95  $11.16
Art Glass Panel Designs One Book
B148-30 ART GLASS PANEL DESIGNS ONE (Whaley) This “multi-tasking book” provides 18 art glass designs, including, birds, flowers, geometric, southwest and Oceanscape motifs. Beginner to Intermediate.
Celtic Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-53 CELTIC STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Pearce) 91 patterns depict mythical creatures and other design motifs. The designs can be reproduced in larger or smaller dimensions as need. Beginner to Advanced.
Circular Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-21 CIRCULAR STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Eaton) 60 full-size patterns, approx. 7” round. Includes geometric, abstract and realistic florals. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
Classic Images Book
B127-33 CLASSIC IMAGES (Terra) Terra’s latest collection of designs includes eight full-size patterns as well as small additional projects for suncatchers, a small jewelry box and a warming candle sconce. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Coastal Lights Book
B316-11 COASTAL LIGHTS (Rosochacki) 7 lighthouse panel designs from the coasts of America. The lighthouse is intended to be overlaid on a single piece of glass to eliminate break lines in the sky. Beginner to Intermediate.
Contemporary Florals Book
B36-100 CONTEMPORARY FLORALS (Roberts) Floral designs, each shown in more than one color scheme to suit individual tastes and interiors. Intermediate.
$17.95  $10.78
Cottage Garden Book
B36-58 COTTAGE GARDEN (Roberts) Suncatcher patterns for small panels featuring favorite garden flowers in stained glass. Beginner to Intermediate.
$14.95  $8.98
Cozy Corners Book
B36-43 COZY CORNERS (Roberts) 18 corner designs for doors, windows and archways. Mount permanently or change for different seasons, events or holidays. Installation instructions included. Intermediate.
$14.95  $8.98
Elegant Accents Book
B855-1 ELEGANT ACCENTS (Patten) 14 full-size designs featuring four decorative corner designs, two whimsical door toppers, candle shelters, a hummingbird floral panel, a pansy floral banner and two angels. Beginner to Intermediate.
Fleurtations Book
B146-8 FLEURTATIONS (Soderman/Zurcher) Mix and match floral pattern and border designs which you can use to create over two dozen different small panels. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$11.95  $9.56
Flourish Book
B127-26 FLOURISH (Vogt) Ten full-size patterns including an orchid, hibiscus, bird of paradise, morning glory, cyclamen, gerber daisy, amaryllis, sun and moon, tiger lily and a mixed bouquet. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Flowers / Glas Design Book
B417-28 FLOWERS / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann/Volkmann) 12 full-size patterns featuring floral themes such as roses, lilies, daffodils and more. Shown in color. Intermediate to Advanced.
Going For The Gold Book
B856-1 GOING FOR THE GOLD (Willimon) Designs for panels featuring the summer and winter sports of the Olympic games. Intermediate.
Guiding Lights 2 Book
B856-4 GUIDING LIGHTS 2 (Detjen) Includes 6 full-size patterns featuring Serenity (tropical lighthouse), Under Sail (with clipper ship), Safe Harbor, The Oar, Daring Rescue and Northwest Passage (a sidelight). Intermediate.
Hanging Around Book
B799-27 HANGING AROUND (Stein) The projects in this book are round and range in size from approximately 12” to 15”. The patterns are presented as halves of the final project. Beginner to Intermediate.
Homespun Country Images by Terra Book
B127-10 HOMESPUN COUNTRY IMAGES BY TERRA (Parma) Full-size patterns which capture a slice of Americana. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
In Full Bloom Book
B148-27 IN FULL BLOOM (Selvais) 19 patterns for windows using the simplest of lines to create lilies, sunflowers, magnolias and more. Each project includes the pattern line drawing, a color photo plus an alternate color rendering. Intermediate.
Japanese Crests 1 Book
B1127-41 JAPANESE CRESTS 1 (Sweet) A series of round panels in a variety of motifs. This book contains 28 black and white pages as well as 7 color, 25 patterns total. Intermediate.
Kitchen Cabinets & Windows and Tile Book
B1268-3 KITCHEN CABINETS & WINDOWS AND TILE (Sagami) This is a book with 80 pages and over 350 black and white drawings of stained and art glass windows for your home. Beginner to Intermediate.
Monet's Garden Book
B799-20 MONET’S GARDEN (Stein) This book is based on the gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
New Dimensions by Terra Book
B127-6 NEW DIMENSIONS BY TERRA (Parma) 8 full-size patterns 18”, 20” and 22” which allow the user to choose round and/or octagon shapes. Includes an assortment of floral patterns and orchids with a parrot. Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Ornamental Flowers Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-19 ORNAMENTAL FLOWER STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Sibbett) This book contains 83 designs for both beginners and the experienced artisan. Includes realistic as well as abstract and geometric flowers. Intermediate.
Round Simple Stuff 1 Book
B1127-29 ROUND SIMPLE STUFF 1 (Robert & Boncore) A series of bright and cheery 14” round suncatchers in a variety of motifs. Birds, fishbowls, fruit on branches and dolphins are among these 26 original patterns. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$12.95  $10.36
Signs of the Zodiac / Glas Design Book
B417-2 SIGNS OF THE ZODAIC / GLAS DESIGN (Volkman) Simple, easy-to-make window decorations featuring the signs of the zodiac. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$19.95  $15.96
Simba & Pussy / Glas Design Book
B417-26 SIMBA & PUSSY / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann/Volkmann) 14 full-size patterns of cats, lions and a tiger. Patterns included for windows, mirrors and suncatchers. Intermediate to Advanced.
Starbursts Book
B316-44 STARBURSTS (Haebich) Eleven patterns for stained glass designs inspired by the images created by kaleidoscopes. These patterns allow you to create “starbursts” of vibrant color. Intermediate.
Studio Windows Book
B799-29 STUDIO WINDOWS (Stein) This book features fourteen full size patterns for unique window designs that were custom built by Marick Studios. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$13.95  $11.16
The Ultimate Pattern Book Volume 1
B1431-1 ULTIMATE PATTERN BOOK VOLUME 1, THE (Crivellaro) Going In Circles, Heaven Sent, All Stars 1, Boo!, Femmes Fatales, Ho! Ho! Ho!, Celtic Crosses, Lead the Way, ’Tis the Season, The Bear Essentials. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$39.95  $19.98
The Ultimate Pattern Book Volume 2
B1431-2 ULTIMATE PATTERN BOOK VOLUME 2, THE (Crivellaro) Adorable Angels, Mini Victorian Accents, Celtic Knots, Patchwork Quilts, Fabulous Florals, Luck of the Irish, Paws, Easter Parade. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$39.95  $19.98
The Ultimate Pattern Book Volume 3
B1431-3 ULTIMATE PATTERN BOOK VOLUME 3, THE (Crivellaro) Buds & Bevels, All Stars 2, More Femmes Fatales, Secret Garden, Happy Holidays, A Choir of Angels, Christmas Cuties, etc. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$39.95  $19.98
Windows of the Mansions Book
B305-3 WINDOWS OF THE MANSIONS (Kennedy) 21 full-size patterns and instructions are included in this book based on windows of the old mansions in the greater Cincinnati area. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$14.95  $11.96
Winter / Glas Design Book
B417-31 WINTER/GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann/Volkmann) 14 stained glass scenes of the cold season. Patterns will guide you to still, wintery places. Intermediate to Advanced.
Small Panels
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