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Suncatchers & Nightlights
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I Haven't Lost My Marbles
I Haven't Lost My Marbles (Myron) This book is full of quick & easy "grinderless" projects using marbles or glass nuggets. Includes instructions on working with marbles and nuggets. Beginner to Intermediate.
$12.95  $5.00
The Ultimate Pattern Book Volume 2
B1431-2 ULTIMATE PATTERN BOOK VOLUME 2, THE (Crivellaro) Adorable Angels, Mini Victorian Accents, Celtic Knots, Patchwork Quilts, Fabulous Florals, Luck of the Irish, Paws, Easter Parade. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$39.95  $19.98
The Ultimate Pattern Book Volume 1
B1431-1 ULTIMATE PATTERN BOOK VOLUME 1, THE (Crivellaro) Going In Circles, Heaven Sent, All Stars 1, Boo!, Femmes Fatales, Ho! Ho! Ho!, Celtic Crosses, Lead the Way, ’Tis the Season, The Bear Essentials. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$39.95  $19.98
The Ultimate Pattern Book Volume 3
B1431-3 ULTIMATE PATTERN BOOK VOLUME 3, THE (Crivellaro) Buds & Bevels, All Stars 2, More Femmes Fatales, Secret Garden, Happy Holidays, A Choir of Angels, Christmas Cuties, etc. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$39.95  $19.98
Fairies I Book
B1127-25 FAIRIES I (Robert & Bocore) These cute whimsical suncatcher designs are easy to make and make fun gifts. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
String Along Book
B1143-3 STRING ALONG (Brady) This book features a collection of 9 different stringed musical instruments. The book includes carefully detailed assembly instructions and working diagrams to help you build them. Beginner to Intermediate.
Beginners Luck Book
B799-15 BEGINNERS LUCK (Marick) This book contains twenty-nine patterns for easy suncatchers. It has 4 pages of color and 32 pages of patterns and is designed so the beginner or anyone else can look like a pro. Beginner.
Rev-It--Up Book
B229-9 REV-IT-UP (McMillian) 18 full-size designs for classic cars and trucks in glass, as well as two scale designs you can blow up to any size you wish. A vintage automobile enthusiast would love one of these projects. Intermediate.
Kid Zone Book
B213-15 KID ZONE (Schulze) Thirty-one delightful children’s designs in stained glass for boys, girls and the nursery. The designs are full-size patterns and are all shown in color. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$12.95  $10.36
Sunshines Book
B213-7 SUNSHINES (Schulze) 61 simple, easy-to-make suncatchers including patterns for Southwest, animals and dinosaurs designs. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$12.95  $10.36
Nite Lite Patterns II Book
B424-2 NITE LITE PATTERNS BOOK II (Scarab) 30 more unique nightlight cover patterns of mostly animals. Beginner to Intermediate.
Nite Lite Patterns Book
B424-1 NITE LITE PATTERNS (Scarab) Over 20 clever patterns for night light covers. Included are fish, flowers, birds and more. Beginner to Intermediate.
Country Roads Book
B109-1 COUNTRY ROADS (Eller) 40 small country inspired panels (averaging 8” diameter). Also includes light switch covers and containers. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$7.95  $6.36
Crystal Catchers Book
B146-6 CRYSTAL CATCHERS (Bjornson) 48 page book featuring more than 60 unique designs combining stained glass and crystals. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
Mischmasch Glas Design Book
B417-1 MISCHMASCH / GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann) 28 patterns for window hangings in assorted animal, flower and nautical themes. Beginner.
Teddy & Company Glas Design Book
B417-23 TEDDY & COMPANY GLAS DESIGN (Volkmann) 24 suncatchers including several teddy bears and a clown, hippo, owl, bunny, cats and more. Beginner.
Farmers Market Book
B799-13 FARMERS MARKET (Stein) This book contains a variety of patterns for fruits & vegetables picked straight from the garden. Great for kitchens & dining rooms or anywhere you would like to see a splash of bright color. Beginner to Intermediate.
Sunseekers Book
B316-26 SUNSEEKERS (Hubbard) Full-size designs for round, starburst suncatchers that are easy to make using basic stained glass skills. Full color photos are provided with each design. Beginner.
Starcatchers Book
B316-57 STARCATCHERS (Haebich) This book contains 20 full-size starburst patterns that are only 6” to 7.5” in diameter. Beginner to Intermediate.
Whimsical Filigree Book
B316-41 WHIMSICAL FILIGREE (Hubbard) This collection of patterns uses lead came, jewels, glass nuggets or fused glass to create suncatchers to brighten any window in your home. Beginner. To Be Discontinued
$15.95  $12.76
Fanciful Filigree Book
B316-36 FANCIFUL FILIGREE Allows you to turn simple glass shapes into elaborate little suncatchers. These small projects (many of which require no glass cutting) are surprisingly easy to make and can be completed in an evening. Beginner.
Stained Glass Leaves Book
B316-25 STAINED GLASS LEAVES (Burris) This book features 30 full-size representations of leaves for stained glass projects. Tips and hints for construction and wire usage are also included. Beginner to Intermediate.
More Celtic Designs Book
B316-22MORE CELTIC DESIGNS (Cecere) The fluid shapes, clearly defined lines and vibrant colors translate beautifully into patterns for stained glass. Beginner to Intermediate.
Coastal Inspirations Book
B36-132 COASTAL INSPIRATIONS (Kauffman) A collection of 28 stained glass projects to capture the magical moments spent at the beach. All are shown in full color and include detailed construction information. Beginner.
$17.95  $10.78
Favorite Myths & Legends in Stained Glass Book
B36-119 FAVORITE MYTHS & LEGENDS IN STAINED GLASS (Gibbs & Tayne) 32 pages of Mythical figures. Each pattern comes with interesting information about the figure and special construction tips.
$17.95  $10.78
10 Pieces or Less Book
B36-108 10 PIECES...OR LESS (Kyle & Tayne) 34 full-size designs each containing 10 pieces or less. Good beginning projects which can be used alone or incorporated into larger panels. Beginner.
$17.95  $10.78
Hanging Gardens Book
B36-94 HANGING GARDENS (Nudson) This book contains 40 pages of patterns for stained glass plants. All of your favorite houseplants are available. Beginner to Intermediate.
$16.95  $10.18
Dog Show in Stained Glass II Book
B36-91 DOG SHOW IN STAINED GLASS II (Schneider) This is the second edition of a series of realistic dog designs of America’s most popular breeds. Beginner.
$16.95  $10.18
A Gallery of Suncatchers Book
B36-75 A GALLERY OF SUNCATCHERS (Weaver) 40 colorful new easy to make suncatchers. Included are sports themes, birds, flowers, Christmas designs, pets and more. Beginner.
$15.95  $9.58
Suncatchers in Minutes Book
B36-30 SUNCATCHERS IN MINUTES (Kyle/Nudson) This book contains simple, easy to make suncatchers for beginners. Includes florals, animals, Victorian houses and a series of crosses. Beginner.
$15.95  $9.58
Fairies, Elves and Angels Book
B36-38 FAIRIES, ELVE S AND ANGELS (Gibbs) Contains 36 pages of designs for small panels and suncatchers from other realms. Full color. Beginner to Intermediate.
$15.95  $9.58
Victorian Suncatchers Book
B50-56 VICTORIAN SUNCATCHERS (Eaton) 113 designs patterned after Victorian era suncatchers, ranging from a single splendid tulip to magnificent butterflies and a damsel meeting the dawn. Beginner to Intermediate.
Easy to Make Stained Glass Lightcatchers Book
B50-9 EASY TO MAKE STAINED GLASS LIGHTCATCHERS (Sibbett) A collection of 67 full-size patterns for small window ornaments. Subjects include birds, flowers, toys, etc. Beginner.
Suncatchers Stained Glass Pattern Book
B50-31 SUNCATCHERS STAINED GLASS PATTERN BOOK (Eaton) 120 designs for stylish, varied patterns including figures, birds, animals and sea creatures. Beginner.
Radiance and ReflectionsBook
B300-3 RADIANCE AND REFLECTIONS (Cabin) 13 full-size patterns for small panels and suncatchers. Various designs include florals, cars and animals. Beginner to Intermediate. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$12.50  $10.00
Small Floral Stained Glass Designs Book
B50-28 SMALL FLORAL STAINED GLASS DESIGNS (Sibbett) A collection of 63 different floral designs, both realistic and abstract, that can be used to create small stained glass projects. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$8.95  $7.16
Art Glass Inspirations Book
B148-3 ART GLASS INSPIRATIONS (Cann) This book contains 32 full-size patterns for freeform suncatchers and fan lamps. Included are birds, dogs, florals, sport figures and more. Beginner. TO BE DISCONTINUED
$11.95  $9.56
Suncatchers & Nightlights
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