Stained Glass: Not Just for Churches Anymore


Many times when people think of stained glass they think of sweeping liturgical scenes or ornate jeweled tone windows in a grand cathedral. Think the famous rose window in Paris’ Notre Dame de Paris or the scene of a young St. Wenceslas by famous Czech artist Alfred Mucha in Prague’s St. Vitas Cathedral.

But some of the most interesting pieces of stained glass are the unconventional ones, the ones that make you stop and think what’s the story behind that? Here at Franklin Art Glass, some of the most unique pieces end up being the most memorable, and have the most interesting stories to tell.

One of the best things about stained glass is just how personal some of the pieces are – it really gives you an insight into someone’s personality and what’s important to them. One such piece was a series of pieces commissioned by a married couple. The intricate patterns and bright colors were inspired by pottery from the husband’s home country of India. Interspersed throughout the bright swirls of color were bright blue ‘evil eye’ charms. The evil eye is thought to ward off harm or malintent and offer protection in many cultures. These charms were brought back from the couple’s trip to India and embedded in the glass. The couple ended up with decorative windows that also honored their beliefs and culture.

To many people, there’s nothing more special than the bond with a beloved pet. As a present for their college-bound daughter, a couple commissioned a piece to commemorate the girl’s pet dog as well as her favorite hobby, rock climbing. The piece features the dog, sitting in front of a rock climbing wall, with a rock climber’s shoe sitting in the background. The result is a piece that is both unique and sentimental.

Others love to express their individuality through their hobbies and interests. For a woman with a passion for Egyptology, she commissioned a piece featuring the great pyramids.

It’s not only private clients who like to have stand-out pieces, a unique piece of glass is the perfect way to make your business memorable. One such business was Frog Hollow Farm, whose mascot was a jaunty green frog decked out in a top hat with a sharp red waistcoat. The business had a trailer that they would take with them to horse shows, and commissioned a custom piece for the window of their trailer. It was the perfect way to showcase their business and ensure that they stood apart from everyone else there.

The creativity and individuality of our clients prove that the sky’s the limit when it comes to stained glass. Whether it’s a fancy frog or a heart shaped bath tub (that’s for a future post!), if you can think it, we can make it!

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