Classes Under Construction

At Franklin Art Glass Studios we offer fundamental classes on stained glass. Our class teaches the beginning techniques and fundamentals of stained glass construction. When the class is finished students will have knowledge of both copper foil and lead techniques. This is a fundamental’s class open for all skill levels.

We are currently working on restructuring the way our classes are taught. Thank you for your patience as we continue to refine our classes for you. NO CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY BEING SCHEDULED. To be notified when classes are scheduled, join our mailing list.



Take a look below at some images from our past classes to see what coming to one could be like!

First Evening
  • Introduction and Tour
  • Discussion of Materials and Tools
  • Introduction to Glass Cutting
Second Evening
  • Lead Technique
  • "Owl" Project
  • Introduction to Foil Technique
Third Evening
  • Copper Foil Technique
  • "Fan Light" Project
Fourth Evening
  • Discussion of measuring an opening and reinforcement of stained glass
  • Lead Technique Project - Leaded Panel approximately 8"x10" with engraved beveled center

Class Facts


Julia S.

Dublin, Ohio

"I took the stained-glass fundamentals class at Franklin Art Glass, and it was a wonderful experience. The staff was friendly and the class was fun. I learned a valuable new skill and met some lovely people in the process! My pieces are displayed proudly in my home. I’ve even used the techniques I learned to make projects of my own. Definitely worth the value!"

Katherine H.

Blacklick, Ohio

"I took the beginners in stained glass class over 30 years ago! When I took this class it was on a whim and because I found stained glass interesting. But what I found was a longtime hobby and love for stained glass. This class taught me the necessary skills to continue working in stained glass long after the class and even some of the basic skills I needed to work in glass fusing. It was a wonderful experience that impacted me much more than I’d expected."

Todd M.

Columbus, Ohio

"First and foremost, I want to say thank you for providing such a great class that helped establish a good foundation from which to grow and expand. I very much enjoyed the class, and thought the information being shared was at an appropriate level for everyone to take away added knowledge. From introduction of the tools & equipment to the progressive projects which provided introduction to the different types of applications/projects, it was great. I found that I was able to absorb everything and have been able to continue to improve my knowledge and skill set with the foundation provided."

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