Updated Hand Selection Policy

Updated 09/10/21

We have updated our policies and procedures so that Wholesale customers will now be able to enter the back of the studio for ‘hand selection’ of glass. Please note the new rules and policies involved in this process. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate walk-in’s for hand selection at this time.


Appointments Required

If you order glass that requires ‘hand selection’ it will now be available via appointment only. Appointments are required to be scheduled and confirmed with a Franklin employee at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled pick up time. No exceptions. If customer does not designate their pick up will require ‘hand selection’ and does not set an appointment it will be treated as a ‘normal’ pick up order with minimum employee contact and ‘hand selection’ cannot be added on at the time of pick up due to limited availability of staff and strict safety protocols.

Appointments will be set for 1.5-hour windows. If you think that you will need more time please notify a Franklin employee while you are scheduling the appointment so that accommodations can be made. Because we are only allowing one business to hand select glass at a time, availability of time slots may be limited. We ask that you are considerate to others in the length of time you shop and please pre-order as much of your order as possible.

If you have a supply order that accompanies your glass order, we ask that you have that as complete as possible prior to your arrival so that your time can be spent selecting glass. Shopping for add-on supplies will be available only while in the retail showroom. Masks or face coverings are required.

If for some reason you are unable to make it to your scheduled time, we ask that you call us in advance to let us know. Any missed appointment will need to be rescheduled with 24 hours advanced notice. Please arrive promptly at your appointment time. If you are late your appointment time frame window will not be extended due to scheduling limitations.


Safety Protocols

Businesses who are ‘hand selecting’ items in the back are allotted 2 people max per business, with no exceptions. Masks or face coverings will be required at all times during ‘hand selection’ process in the back of the studio. Masks and face coverings must completely cover the mouth and nose. Customers who do not come with a face covering will be provided a disposable mask.

For the health and safety of our staff please maintain social distancing throughout our facility. During ‘hand selection’ Franklin employees will handle all glass to prevent breach of social distancing policies. We also ask that you refrain from touching any company tools such as cutters and squares to help minimize the possibilities for transmittal.



For the health and safety of our staff we request that if you are able to load yourself that you do so. We certainly understand that isn’t always possible and the staff member you were working with at the time of selection may be available to assist you in loading. While scheduling your appointment please mention your loading preference. We request that you come prepared with whatever packing and transport packaging items you may need in an effort to limit exposure and possible transmittal.


Restricted Areas

Customers are not allowed in any Office areas. We also ask that you please maintain social distance from all studio employees at all times.


Contactless Pick-up

We are continuing to offer our contactless pick-up. If you are interested please notify a Franklin employee at the time you place your order to set up this option. Saturday pick-up orders of 10+ Full Sheets of glass need to be placed at least 48 hours in advance and also have a scheduled pick-up time confirmed.


Thank You!

During these difficult times we appreciate you, our customer, for your loyalty and support. We understand that all of this isn’t ideal, but we are working hard to meet your needs while keeping our staff and customers safe! Thank you for your patience, understanding and your business.

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