Copper Channel FH 3/8″ (Box)

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Copper Flat H channel 3/8″ face width by Cascade Metals. Price listed is per box which includes approx. 36 pieces in 6′ lengths, 22 pounds of metal.¬†Safety Data Sheet

Cat. No. 3591-CBX6
Mfg. Code CH-375
Opening (A) .156″ (5/32″)
Face Width (B) .375″ (3/8″)
Total Height (C) .241″ (1/4″)
Channel Depth (D) .171″ (5/32″)
Sold By BOX
Weight 22 lbs.
# of Pieces Approx. 36


Measurements in decimal form are actual.
Fractions are approximate (nearest 1/64″).


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Copper Channel FH 3/8″ (Box)

*Zinc, Brass, Lite Brass, and Copper channels come in six foot lengths. When shipped, these channels are packed into a box considered by UPS as an oversized box.


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