Dichroic 96 COE “Freaky” Black Sampler

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Sampler includes 6 pieces measuring 4″x4″; 2 Premium Rainbow & 4 Rainbow on Thin Black 96 COE glass.

This fun, fusible pack offers 6 pieces of “Freaky” Tie Die Dichroic glass in assorted color combinations. Sample packs are a great way to try a variety of glass all at the same time! The unique color coatings create amazing effects when viewed in different lighting, from different angles, or when layered. Colors shift and sparkle with metallic brilliance. During firing, a crazing effect appears, creating a subtle crinkle appearance in the color coating.

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Dichroic 96 COE “Freaky” Black Sampler

Dichroic Glass can add fantastic multicolored and reflective elements to your glass fusing projects.


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