Lite Brass Channel RH 3/16″ (Box)

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Lite Brass Channel Round Inner Bar 3/16″ face width by Chicago Metallic.  Price listed is per box which includes approximately 92 pieces in 6′ lengths, 25 pounds of metal. Safety Data Sheet

Round inner bars provide strength with a traditional appearance.  The additional strength (over that of lead) is particularly useful with bevels. Lite Brass is manufactured in a lighter gauge than the standard “brass” – for easier bending & shaping.  Lite brass also has a greater yield per pound as well as giving the craftsman more design control.

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Lite Brass Channel RH 3/16″ (Box)

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*Zinc, Brass, Lite Brass, and Copper channels come in six foot lengths. When shipped, these channels are packed into a box considered by UPS as an oversized box.


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