Oceanside Clear Waterglass (100W-F) Factory Case

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contains (52) 24″x48″ sheets=416 ft²
*Must be shipped via motor freight or picked up at our store. We do not guarantee against breakage during transport.

Opacity: Transparent
Obscurity: Low
Texture: Water
Fusible: 96 C.O.E.

Clear Waterglass provides a clear option with the subtle, organic movement of the classic Waterglass surface. May require a bubble-squeeze for use in fusing. The texture in this glass can be retained in a light tack fuse or slump, but can also be used to create intentional bubbles in a full fused design.

Spectrum Glass by Oceanside – For the stained glass artist AND the fusing enthusiast. Oceanside Compatible® (96 C.O.E.) is a family of heat-compliant glass products designed and produced to work together both technically and artistically in every facet of the glass arts.

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*REPLACES SPECTRUM (100W) #02005-131

All stated dimensions of sheet glass are approximate. Because of the unique process and conditions of manufacturing art glass, the sheets are not perfectly square, nor are the sizes exact. Unless noted otherwise all sheet glass is approximately 1/8″ thick.

*Note On Image Accuracy: While glass is notoriously difficult to capture well in a photograph, great care is given to present glass as true-to-life as possible. Since computer monitors and printers vary widely, and may not reliably portray the glass or its color, you may want to consider purchasing a Sample Set for selecting just the right glass for your projects.


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