Turret Holder for Inland Strip/CircleMaker

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Turrett Holder for Inland Strip/CircleMaker (Turrett Holder ONLY)

Inland Strip/CircleMaker™ Features:
Fast & easy way to score accurate circles (3″ to 24-1/2″ in diameter) and accurate strips(1/4″ to 11-1/4″ wide). Because it can be used with glass cutters, razor knives, and marking pens and pencils, the Strip/CircleMaker™ is a versatile design and construction tool for many of your hobby needs.
• Solid brass arm (metric & inch).
• Tripod circle-making base, easier to see and center your circle.
• Floating action of circle base means cleaner scores on uneven surfaces such as tile, stone or art glass.
• Includes strip base, circle base, calibrated brass bar, utility holder, and detailed instructions.
• Made in China.

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Turret Holder for Inland Strip/CircleMaker


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