Wissmach White Luminescent Glass (96-03LUM)


Detail: Luminescent
Fusible: 96 C.O.E.

Wissmach luminescent coated glass is similar to the iridescent coatings, but not quite the same. Luminescent glass will create different effects depending on the way you fire it:

  • Coated side down onto a kiln wash dusted fiber shelf and the coating will intesify.
  • Coated side down onto a kiln washed shelf or shelf paper and it will still look intense but different.
  • Coated side up and the luminescent coating will stay on darker colors if you fire no higher than 1410 F, but will fade away on lighter colors giving the glass a beautiful sheen.
  • Cover the coated side with a piece of clear and the coating will fade away completely.


All stated dimensions of sheet glass are approximate. Because of the unique process and conditions of manufacturing art glass, the sheets are not perfectly square, nor are the sizes exact. Unless noted otherwise all sheet glass is approximately 1/8″ thick.

*Note On Image Accuracy: While glass is notoriously difficult to capture well in a photograph, great care is given to present glass as true-to-life as possible. Since computer monitors and printers vary widely, and may not reliably portray the glass or its color, you may want to consider purchasing a Sample Set for selecting just the right glass for your projects.

Reactive Potential: By combining a color that contains copper with one that contains sulfur, a chemical reaction resulting in copper-sulfide may occur. Different colors hold different amounts of the reactive materials. Results are not quantifiable or uniform, and will vary based on batch, process temperature, specific combination of colors, etc.

Wissmach’s Safety Statement & Considerations Page


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