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Franklin Art Glass offers unique & customized designs to create iconography for any subject matter, structure, setting, or religious denomination. We have designed & executed work for all denominations of faith. Our goal is to design & fabricate works of art that will enhance worship in any structure of any faith. Utilizing traditional & modern design techniques, we can help bring your stained glass visions to life.

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Diocese of Covington in Covington Ohio

A Vatican inspired window of the Holy Ghost for the Diocese of Covington. It features a white dove, an ancient symbol of purity & peace in Christian Art.

Hospice of Dayton in Dayton Ohio

This flowing design unites the separate windows, enclosing the space of the chapel the way a prayer shawl encloses a person praying.

Powell United Methodist Church

The Stylized Crown of thorns & Methodist flame emanate rays of light onto the heaven & earth themed companion panels made of hand blown glass.


The Four Elements of Powell

Powell United Methodist Church

Nature’s four seasons have long had an integral part in many religious institutions. For Powell United Methodist church in Powell, Ohio, nature’s elements were the main influence for artist Michael Whapham, a senior artist at Franklin Art Glass Studios for more than 30 years, when designing the windows in the sanctuary of the church. For this project Whapham looked to the church, its symbolism, and its location to find this natural influence.

The first and most predominant element that comes to mind when thinking about the Methodist religion is the Methodist flame. This is the influence behind the first phase of the Powell United Methodist project, a large circular panel in the sanctuary. This large panel was composed of four individual panels measuring approximately 12 feet in diameter and is approximately 40 feet off the ground - making it a focal point of the sanctuary. The imagery in this window depicts a stylized Methodist flame while incorporating bold colors that represent the four elements of nature. The colors incorporated not only make for a beautiful overall color design, but also help connect the top panel to its flanking panels that were added in phase two. Another design element that was subtlety incorporated into the center of this design is a stylized crown of thorns.

In phase two of the project, additional nature elements are introduced with the design and production of the two large rectangle panels in the sanctuary. These companion panels are composed of 10 individual panels, measuring 64 ½ “x 180” each. These panels are designed to depict earth, air, and water, but also serve a design and functional purpose as well. The imagery in these panels is that of a stylized landscape with water. The initial idea for these windows was to have a mountainous terrain with earth tones and rolling hills. However, upon further discussion with the church the idea evolved into a more gentle landscape with water at the bottom to more closely suit the actual topography of the church’s location, representing the nearby Scioto River. Rays at the top of the structure appear to be descending from the large central panel. Here, as with the crown of thorns in the circle window, Whapham found clever ways to incorporate multiple forms of religious symbolism to create a strong religious message. The rays descend down to the earth element of each window creating a horizon line above the water element. The small, wavy water section in these panels not only creates a visually stimulating contrast to the larger angular pieces in the top of the panel, it also helps to obscure the view of the road outside, which is at eye level in the sanctuary.

The end result of Mike Whapham’s design and Franklin Art Glass’s work at Powell United Methodist Church is a cohesive display of color and beauty which brings together fire, air, earth and water in a design that manages to marry form and function while still delivering a strong religious message.
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