Protective Glazing and Storm Glass

Protective glazing, or storm glass, is one of the best ways to protect stained leaded glass windows from the risk of breakage due to vandalism or severe weather conditions.

Cumulative damage from precipitation, sunlight and temperature fluctuations can be reduced by a properly installed and properly vented protective glazing system. A Franklin Art Glass protective glazing system will never distract from the stained glass on the interior or look unattractive from the exterior.

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Storm Glass and Framing

New storm glass and framing were installed to bring new life to the windows at Holy Cross Church.

Franklin Art Glass Studios, Inc.

St. Paul's Marblehead, Ohio

New storm glass systems were installed to replace cloudy acrylic sheets.

Franklin Art Glass Studios, Inc.

Protective Storm Glass

A new window was made to replace the previously vandalized one and protective storm glass was added to help protect the window in the future.

Case Study:
Protective Glazing/Storm Glass

St. Paul’s Church – Marblehead, Ohio

St. Paul’s Church in Marblehead, Ohio had contacted Franklin Art Glass Studios regarding multiple church windows in need of restoration. After speaking with our Custom Order & Repair Department sales manager on the phone about their project, an on-site appointment was scheduled to meet at St. Paul’s with one of our Expert Installers. The on-site appointment allows Franklin Art Glass to assess the condition of the stained glass first hand and more accurately assess the scope of the project.

Once our Expert Installer arrived at St. Paul’s Church it became clear that their windows were in need of repairs. On the exterior of the Church, acrylic sheets were used at one time to protect their windows but due to aging the acrylic had become cloudy and warped. To ensure the preservation of the stained glass, new Protective Glazing was recommended to replace the acrylic sheets. Protective Glazing is one of the best ways to protect stained glass windows from breakage without distracting from the stained glass on the interior or look unattractive from the exterior.

The Protective Glazing also shields the glass from weather and temperature damage that can happen to stained glass windows over time. The exterior decorative wood framing on the church around the windows would also need restoration.

After the field notes of the on-site appointment were reviewed, a job proposal was submitted to St. Paul’s Church. The proposal includes quotes for the client and details how Franklin Art Glass plans to restore their stained glass windows.

In this case the job would be divided into two phases – interior and exterior. Once the job proposal was accepted and the first deposit was received, work began on St. Paul’s Church. To help keep the construction from becoming a distraction to the Church, each window panel would be restored and reinstalled individually before moving on to the next panel.

First the on-site crew took precise measurements to create templates of the existing windows. This allows the fabricators back at Franklin Art Glass Studios to begin building the new aluminum framing for the windows and to prepare for the restoration of the stained glass while the crew is on-site removing or reinstalling window panels.

A vented protective glazing system was then added to the exterior of the windows. This Protective Glazing System results in more energy efficient windows while also adding protection from weather and temperature fluctuations.

Once all of the interior work was completed, the crew began the exterior restoration. The existing wood framing of the church required repairs, as well as removal of old paint and sealant. Next the frames were freshly primed, painted and sealed. Finally, the exterior Protective Glazing and aluminum framing was installed to complete the project.

St. Paul’s Church in Marblehead, Ohio is more than happy with their stained glass windows – now fully restored. Their stained glass window panels are more beautiful, structurally sound, and better protected than ever before thanks to Franklin Art Glass Studios.

If you are having similar issues with your windows, don’t hesitate to contact us at (614)221-2972 or stop by our studio located at 222 E. Sycamore Street in Columbus, Ohio’s historic German Village.

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