1″ Quick-Fit Bit Replacement Bit – Standard

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Flip the lever and you are ready to grind. No keys or locking tools are needed to change from one bit to another. Bit Holder is constructed of high impact plastics and circumscribed with industrial elastomer. Each Bit is individually coated with layered high quality diamond particles. Bits can be adjusted vertically and reversed on the bit holder. Bit holder is universal.

Standard replacement diamond bit sleeve for The Grinder, Glastar Superstar II Grinder. Also a replacement for Quick Fit Bit System. This is the diamond bit sleeve only, holder sold separately.


1″ Standard Quick-Fit Bit Replacement Bit by Techniglass. 100/120 Diamond grit.

Easy to Use and Time Saving:
No need to find and use keys or locking tools. No grinder freeze-ups, no frustration! Changing bits is simple and fast, even for individuals with reduced grip strength.Durable and Corrosion Free:
High-impact polymers extend the life of the Quick-Fit Bit holder and eliminates the possibility of corrosion.Ultra-Smooth Grind:
Engineered with an industrial elastomer, the Quick-Fit Bit holder absorbs grinding vibration and protects glass from fracturing or chipping.

Long-Lasting Grind:
Layers of high-quality diamond particles give the Quick-Fit Bit a long-lasting, ever-sharp grind.100% Utilization:
The Quick-Fit Bit holder may be adjusted vertically on the grinder shaft, and may be reversed to utilize the full glass grinding surface.Affordable:
The initial investment for the Quick-Fit Bit System supports the one-time purchase of the Quick-Fit Bit holder, which is always packaged with a free bit! Replacement bits cost less than conventional grinding bits


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