Brass Capped Round H Channel 1/4″ Lead (Box)

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Brass Capped Round H Channel 1/4″ Lead by Cascade Metals.  Price listed is per box which includes approximately 43 pieces in 6′ lengths, 45 pounds of metal.

Enjoy the flexibility of lead and the quality look of brass channel. Brass Plated Lead have a lead center and the outside “exposed” areas are brass plated. Available in straight six-foot lengths only.

Cat. No. 1521-BX45
Mfg. Code #B-RH6
Shape Round H
Opening 5/32″
Face Width (F) 1/4″
Sold By BOX
Weight 45 lbs.

Measurements in fractions are approximate to the nearest 1/64″

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Brass Capped Round H Channel 1/4″ Lead (Box)

*ALL lead channels come in six foot lengths.
*Pricing for this item is per Box.


CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING STATEMENT: This product contains lead, a substance known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. See for additional information.


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