Bullseye Cranberry Pink Transparent Stringer

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1mm Stringer – 90 COE

Bullseye 1mm stringers measure 0.7 to 1.2mm in diameter and are approximately .5″ shorter than the tubes in which they are packaged. They are packaged in clear plastic tubes .75″ in diameter and 18″ long containing approximately 87 pieces. *To equalize pricing, the contents of cranberry pink 1311-07 tubes will contain fewer stringers.


Stringer can be added to glass fusing projects to create different patterns and effects.

These spaghetti-like pulls of glass are beautifully straight, yet thin enough to be bent into any shape with the heat of a candle flame. Great for detail work, outlines, and bead making. Stringers are threads of glass which have been pulled from remelted fusible Bullseye sheet glass.


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