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There are other benders on the market, but none that combines strength with the versatility as this one. No need to change rolls, “U” channels as well as “H” channels on one set of rollers.

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The came bender by Cascade is the hand tool which will bend brass, copper, and zinc into circles or ovals. This came bender will bend the border channels, flat H’s, and round H’s in the three separate groves of the tool. You can make circles three inches wide and larger. It will not bend the single sided U channel.

The Cascade Came Bender is designed to form three shapes in Zinc, Copper, and Brass came. The top groove of the rollers is used to form the round H shape, the center groove forms the flat H shape and the bottom groove forms the border shapes. The came may appear to tighten in the grooves due to expansion, so it is essential that lubrication in the from of heavy oil or grease be used in the bottom groove.

Different metals vary in hardness. Zinc, being the softest, will form the easiest. Copper is a little more difficult, and brass is by far the most difficult. The key to forming the more difficult metals is patience. The process cannot be rushed. Read and follow the directions carefully for optimal use.

Manufacturer Directions for using the Came Bender

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