Evenheat Special Order Kilns

We are currently working on adding Evenheat’s glass kiln line to our site. If you are unable to find the model or type of kiln you are looking for please see below:

Details about available models can be found at evenheat-kiln.com.
For pricing & more information please call (614)221-2972 or email us: info@franklinartglass.com

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At Evenheat, design matters. Evenheat is constantly evaluating their design choices and construction techniques to produce the best possible products. Kilns are equipment, and like any piece of equipment, they will be used. Evenheat’s designs include many unique and user friendly features such as custom lid and door handles that are easy to grasp and operate, lid lift systems designed not only to help lift the lid but to protect the kiln from damage and pivoting swing-up controls for comfortable use.


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