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The MagnaShield™ has an optical quality convex magnifying surface. It magnifies the area around the grinding bit, making grinding easier and less tiring. Fits any Inland grinder.


MagnaShield by Inland

This large, 10″ (25 cm) x 8-3/4″ (22 cm) MagnaShield face shield has a built-in optical quality convex magnifying surface making it easier to see your work, reduces eye strain, and provides additional protection against grinding and sawing debris. Easily installs onto the Wizard IV grinder, WizCG grinder and the WizlingCG grinder.

  • Easy to work under and provides added protection from grinding and sawing debris to keep you and your work area safe and clean
  • Simply rinse under running water to clean

Safety note: This MagnaShield alone is not adequate eye protection. Always wear safety goggles when operating any machine.


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