Mosaic Outdoor Cement (20 lbs.)

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Mosaic Outdoor Cement – 20lb.
A fast drying, reinforced cement which can be left white or colored with MosaicArt™ Colorants.  Designed for outdoor projects, with no reinforcement or sealant needed.

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Super strong formula stands-up to the harshest of weather. Jennifer’s Outdoor Cement with crack reduction results in a smooth, porcelain white finish for long-lasting stepping stones, benches, birdbaths, etc. This improved formula has superb pigmenting quality and no sealant needed! New formula needs longer drying times.

  • Easy to mix, easy to pour
  • White cement is designed to be custom colored with our colorants
  • Color chart is right on the label! 30+ different colors are possible
  • No unwanted leftovers – mix just what you need
  • Each box has 27 cups
  • Needs no reinforcement or sealant


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