Pinstripe Border 4100

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Pinstripe Border 4100
Stencil Designs and Sizes: 2 – 15’ rolls

This unique system of Peel’N’Etch corner and pinstripe border stencils allows you to etch or sandblast professional quality borders on glass or mirror faster and easier than ever before! Border pinstripe tape is available with two 15 foot long strips, for a total of 30 feet of tape. Corner stencils are produced on 8″ x 8″ sheets. This system is available in 2 different series; each series consists of 3 different corners and 1 matching pinstripe border roll. When ordering please make sure the corner and border series numbers match.

DISCONTINUED – Limited Stock Available


These pre-cut adhesive backed vinyl stencils are perfect for mirror decorating, door glass accents and wood carvings. Designed for chemical etching, mirror removing, sandblasting, painting and staining of glass, mirror, tile, metal, granite and other non-porous surfaces. Each stencil includes complete photo illustrated instructions for a variety of applications.


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