August 19th, 2015 / WDTN Dayton News

Old Meets New with UD Chapel Renovations

By Jake Ryle / WDTN Dayton News August 19, 2015

DAYTON, Ohio — More than 300 packed the Immaculate Conception Chapel on the University of Dayton’s campus Wednesday morning. It was an opportunity to pray for the incoming students before the school year begins. But it also served as a chance for many to see the newly renovated chapel.

Shawna Collins, an employee with the university, says she was excited to get a glimpse inside. “It was wonderful to walk inside, and see how bright it is. How open it is.”

The congregation has been meeting at other catholic churches in the area over the past two years. Reverend James Fitz, Vice President of Mission at the university, says he was happy to come back home.

“It’s the first time many of the faculty and staff saw the renovated chapel, I think it’s beyond what I imagined.” Reverend Fitz says the building hadn’t been fully renovated since it was built back in 1869.

Among the changes: new flooring, a lowered balcony to increase seating, stained glass, and church pews.

“It came out better than I expected.” Crystal Sullivan, Director of Campus Ministry, says the revamped church still carries its timeless charm. “There’s a little bit of old and a little bit of new. That provides some comfort and some grounding for spirituality and a relationship with God.”

But for the University — the renovation marks the beginning of a new era.
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