Aqua Flow System by Techniglass

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Aqua Flow System for The Grinder by Techniglass is a water feed system that provides water from the reservoir to your grinder bit while it cleans
away built up debris. It consists of microtubular brush bristles that are attached to a durable polymeric holder that locks into place adjacent to the grinding bit. The easy to install locking devise becomes a permanent part of your grinder and will not detach like a sponge does.


Continuous Water Flow:
The Aqua Flow System proprietary brush bristles transfer water from the reservoir to the grinder bit continuously, requiring the addition of water only at the onset of grinding.
Anti-Clog Technology:
Conventional sponges suffer from sludge build up, making it necessary to clean the sponge. The Aqua Flow System’s anti-clog technology allows water to flow continuously, drawing sludge away from the grinding bit.
Prevents Dry-Out:
With conventional sponges, water needs to be added every 10-15 minutes. With the Aqua Flow System, the brush bristles do not absorb sludge or dry-out, eliminating the need for constant cleaning and hydration.
Prolongs Bit Life:
The proprietary brush bristles constantly clean the grinder bit while supplying water continuously. This feature maximizes the life of the grinding bit, ultimately saving you money on replacements.
Self-Locking Snap-In Holder:
Once the self-locking snap-in holder is inserted, it will not detach as conventional sponges do.


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