WizCG Glass Grinder by Inland

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The most popular mid-priced grinder made. The strong motor can power an excellent assortment of bits (40) and every Inland grinder accessory. The WizCG™ grinders are equipped with a 9″ x 10″ reversible grid and a liftoff reservoir for fast clean up.

Key features of WizCG™ Grinders include:
WizCG™: Includes TWO Grinder Bits: 3/4″ Standard and 1/4” drilling/grinding
It can be converted to a Disk Grinder or 3-Step Beveler
Standard 2-way on/off switch.
Max. Horse Power: 1/11
Max. Torque: 30 oz-inch
Max. RPM: 3500
Warranty: Five Years

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WizCG Glass Grinder by Inland


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