Jewelry Bit w/ 1.0 mm Groove (for 20/22 gauge wires)

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Jewelry Bit w/ 1.0 mm Groove (for 20/22 gauge wires) by Inland



Jewelry Bit w/ 1.0 mm Groove by Inland (for 20/22 gauge wires)

The selection of bits you need depends on the type of work you do. Grinder Bits (Heads) are made in a variety of sizes and shapes for specific applications. The following terminology describes the many types of diamond grit & their intended uses.

♦ Standard Grit: Normal grinding.
♦ Standard: Normal finish.
♦ SpeedGrit™: Fast removal and large areas with minimal chipping.
♦ Power: Higher speed grinding.
♦ FineGrit™: Soft glass & mirror; eliminates most chipping.
♦ Fine: Mirror finish.
♦ SuperBond: Patented process that bonds the diamond to the core for extra long wear.
♦ DoubleDiamond: Has two layers of diamond that last more than twice as long as conventional heads.


CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING STATEMENT: This product contains nickel. This substance is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. See for additional information.

It is recommended that appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), be used at all times.


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