Twister Convertable Grinder by Gryphon

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The Gryphon Twister offers a revolutionary advance in comfort when grinding. By simply rotating the base, the grinding surface converts from horizontal to inclined. For the first time, you can sit while grinding. Even if you stand, the inclined work surface reduces fatigue. An automatic pump supplies a constant flow of water directly to the bit regardless of horizontal/inclined orientation. Having virtually no splash this grinder does not require a sponge. Easy change Slip-on bits: the bits slip onto the shaft and are held securely in place with a slight twist.

Key features include:
Built-in Pump with spongeless cooling
10″ x 13″ Base Platform
Second Story Platform
TWO Slip-on grinder Bits: 1″ & 1/4″
Face Shield
DC Motor/RPM: 3000 (+/- 15%)
Warranty: Five Years


Twister Convertable Grinder by Gryphon


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